Composite Fence Panels with 30cm Fusion Trellis (Inc Aluminium Posts)

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Elementor Single Product #10677

Composite Fence Panels with 30cm Fusion Trellis (Inc Aluminium Posts)

The Fusion garden screen brings together a series of lines creating perfect triangle that mesh together beautifully. The Fusion screen design is more of a closed design bringing perfect privacy to complement any landscape.

Our Composite Fencing

Not only does our fencing look stunning, we responsibly source all our fencing products and all components are manufactured to be highly durable, long-lasting and versatile. Our fencing can be used with our substantial collection of over 250+ decorative garden screens. Please contact us if you would like to select another design for the fence.

What comes with the fencing?

The fencing arrives with all the fixings required, including the spare blanking channels (for the sides you won’t be using), 1x post (an additional aluminium post is required to complete the fence) 1x top cap for the post. With our fencing kit you will have everything you need to complete your project!
Elementor Single Product #10677
Elementor Single Product #10677
Elementor Single Product #10677

Frequently asked questions

With the above ground option you will receive 1x base plate and the bolts/accessories required to fix the post onto a hard surface such as your patio or decking.

For the below ground option we will provide extra 600mm length of the post to set this into concrete. The below ground option is recommended for installations in areas prone to high winds, providing enhanced stability and protection.

Yes you will need 1 extra post to finish the run of fencing. 1x aluminium post is provided with the fencing so if you have multiple runs of fencing you will require an extra post for each run.

If you use the top and bottom trims that are provided with the fences, please add 5cm to the overall height of the fence you purchase. E.g 180cm fence overall height would be approx 185cm.

Please contact us if you are unsure, or have any questions

Yes, all our composite fencing arrives with multi-use aluminium posts so you can use them both of the straights and corners. We also provide the strips for the empty channels you won't be using.

Our composite fencing arrives with a unique luxurious finish so you can easily adapt the fencing to your garden. Replica wood textures are designs of the past, our products are minimalistic and the lightly textured surface will bring elegance to any garden space. Order your free sample pack and experience the difference.

Our fences are made out of premium WPC (Wood plastic composite). This means, under normal circumstances they will require virtually zero maintenance in comparison to traditional wood fencing options. Unlike wooden fences, our composite fences will not require to be stained, painted, treated or repaired year on year. Our composite fencing will save you both time and money through the years, and will be one of the best investments for your garden.

We offer our premium composite fencing in Black, Grey and Coffee to complement our garden screen designs. We are confident in our fencing, so we offer free samples for our composite fencing so you can experience the difference with luxury screens.

We have advertised 10 unique screen designs from our collection of over 250+. You may browse through all our luxury garden screens and choose another design to suit you. Please contact us if you would like to choose another design for your fencing. 

We provide all the fixings required to bolt the fencing into your decking/patio, or you can purchase a longer than required length to set the posts into concrete. Our aluminium fence posts can be used for both corners and the straights and we provide all the post inserts required to hide the unused channels. The fence panels simply slide into the channels of the post and we provide L-brackets to optionally secure these into the post.

Our posts are purpose built for our garden screens and so they will fit perfectly into the channels of the post. Our fencing is really easy to put up and does not require hours of drilling and screwing.

Our composite fencing is sold in widths of 1800mm (180cm) and we offer a range of heights from 30cm all the way up to 210cm. Contact us with the dimensions of your garden and we will work out exactly how many fence panels you will need.

You can contact us via live chat, telephone or email us at:

Our posts are made out of premium aluminium material and unlike wood have been engineered to last years. The finishing colour of the post is black and has been professionally powder coated to protect against rust.

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