Your home is an extension of you. It showcases who you are, expresses your personality, and is full of character – your character! That is why we manufacture the largest collection of garden screens in the UK, each beautifully handcrafted as unique as you.

About Us

It began with you..

Luxury screens began with you in mind: garden screens became a mass-manufactured product with no sense of individuality or creativity. There was a lack of choice to reflect you or your beautiful home. 

The largest collection..

We made it our goal to design and showcase the largest collection of garden screens in the UK. Our beautiful pieces can be used and adapted to define and modify both interior/exterior spaces to add elegance and style.

About Us
About Us

Industry leading..

We present the most innovative materials explored in ways never done before, and as a result, pieces that are both unique and long-lasting. All our products are manufactured here in the heart of Yorkshire.

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