Elementor Single Product #10677

Rug Design Aluminium Metal Screen

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Elementor Single Product #10677

Rug Design Aluminium Metal Screen

Adorn your garden with this exquisitely patterned screen, featuring a design commonly seen gracing elegant outdoor rugs. The repetitive diamond motifs, framed by crisp lines and geometric harmony, create a tapestry that captures the eye. This screen bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, offering an outdoor accent that is as visually striking as it is timeless. As sunlight filters through its pattern, it casts a lattice of shadows, weaving a changing pattern on the ground throughout the day, echoing the sophistication and charm of a well-appointed garden.

Our Garden Screens

We offer the largest collection of aluminium garden screens in the UK with over 250+ designs to be purchased with a short lead time. Our screens and garden trellis can be used for room dividers, ceiling panels, wall-panels or as beautiful garden fences.

Aluminium Metal Screens (2mm Thickness)

Lightweight and easy to install, these screens offer a seamless blend of style and durability, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Their professional powder coating ensures longevity and resilience, while intricate laser-cut designs add a touch of modern sophistication, allowing you to infuse fresh vibrance into your surroundings with ease.

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