Elementor Single Product #10677

N°110 Aluminium Metal Screen


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Elementor Single Product #10677

N°110 Aluminium Metal Screen

This garden screen is a geometric marvel, a canvas of triangles arranged in a mosaic that evokes the precision of a kaleidoscope. The design gradually transitions from tightly packed forms at the top to a more scattered arrangement at the bottom, suggesting a cascade of crystalline shapes. It’s a modern interpretation of a natural phenomenon, like leaves scattering in the wind, that blends art with the organic flow of the outdoors. The contrast of the pattern against the backdrop of your garden creates a striking visual effect, offering both privacy and a unique aesthetic statement.

Our Garden Screens

We offer the largest collection of aluminium garden screens in the UK with over 250+ designs to be purchased with a short lead time. Our screens and garden trellis can be used for room dividers, ceiling panels, wall-panels or as beautiful garden fences.

Aluminium Metal Screens (2mm Thickness)

Lightweight and easy to install, these screens offer a seamless blend of style and durability, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Their professional powder coating ensures longevity and resilience, while intricate laser-cut designs add a touch of modern sophistication, allowing you to infuse fresh vibrance into your surroundings with ease.

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