Indian Autumn Translucent GLOWstone

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Indian Autumn Translucent GLOWstone

The Indian Autumn GLOWstone slate veneer panel boasts a captivating blend of creams, greys, pink, and sand-hued shades, interwoven in a captivating, diverse arrangement. The colours are enhanced depending on the hue of light behind the panels.

Experience the timeless allure of natural slate veneer stone with a delicate, luminous translucency that transforms any space into a captivating work of art.

GLOWstone Panels

Our remarkable translucent GLOWstone panels boasts an entirely natural stone surface, meticulously crafted with a combination of fibreglass and see-through resin support to render it pliable, featherweight, and effortlessly installable.

Our GLOWstone panels can be securely affixed onto a transparent acrylic or Perspex base. The bonding process is achieved using a transparent/clear dry adhesive, such as the Soudal Crystal Clear. Subsequently, these panels can be brilliantly illuminated from behind, courtesy of LED light panels, strips or a comparable light source. Their versatility extends to applications in counter cladding, eye-catching accent walls and fencing, distinctive signage, and captivating lighting elements.

Frequently asked questions

Translucent slate veneer sheets are thin, flexible sheets made from natural slate that are backed with fibreglass. This unique combination allows light to pass through, creating a stunning visual effect.

The panels are made out of an ultra-thin material with a thickness of only 2-2.5mm.

Our GLOWstone panels can easily be cut using tile cutting blades, sheet cutting scissors, stone cutter with a diamond blade, jigsaw or angle grinder.

On the larger sheets we recommend attaching 5mm clear perspex or acrylic to strengthen the panel and to allow a good distribution of light when lit up. We recommend using clear drying flexible adhesive such as Soudal Crystal Clean to attach the lightweight stone to the perspex.

You may use Aquatect low sheen stone sealer to protect the stone against UV, limescale, oil and grease.

While relatively east to install, it's recommended to consult with a professional for larger or complex projects to ensure proper adhesion and alignment especially when using LED lights or panels.

They can be applied to drywall, plywood, MDF, concrete, and some other smooth surfaces. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust and grease before installation.

Translucent slate veneer sheets can be used for accent walls, feature panels, partitions, backlit countertops, lighting fixtures, and decorative elements in both residential and commercial spaces.

While they can be backlit with LED lights for a stunning visual effect, they also look impressive under natural light, especially when installed near windows or other light sources.

For discreet placement, LED strips can be positioned along the concealed side of the application, typically behind a wooden batten or frame. We advise maintaining a minimum gap of 200mm between the light source and the stone when utilizing LED strips. In cases where a shorter distance is necessary, you have the option of using slim LED panels, available in various sizes and colors, with a thickness of just 6-8mm.

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