Lux Room Divider N°4

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Lux Room Divider N°4

The perfect screen for the bedroom or teenager’s room, the No4 folding divider will add the beauty of the night sky to the home. Featuring a pretty all-over design, this sturdy screen includes stars, octagons, and other geographical shapes in a variety of sizes, and will give you a beautiful way to increase privacy while also keeping the room airy and light.

Our Room Dividers

We offer the largest collection of room divider designs in the UK with over 250+ designs to be purchased with just a 2-5 working day lead time. Our room dividers are made out of our premium composite material in 16mm. We use unique double-action hinges so the divider can be folded either way. Each panel is approx 1800 x 600mm.

How can I use the room divider?

Unlike a brick wall, divider screens can be used in a variety of ways and places, so one screen can serve double duty as you change things up. Easy to relocate, our screens can be moved from room to room, giving you the freedom to redesign your home over and over again.

Frequently asked questions

Room dividers are the most convenient solution to a variety of space-related issues. One large living space could, for instance, become a separate lounge and dining room, or an open plan kitchen could have its own intimate dining area without compromising the spacious feel. And because our folding screens can be quickly and easily stored away, you can revert to a larger space when it’s needed.

The smaller panel sizes will not require any assembly as our room dividers can be folded completely flat. For larger sizes due to delivery, it may be required to screw on a few screws to attach the hinge - and thats it!

We have a wide range of designs available with some designs offering more privacy than others. If privacy is your main concern, browse through our collection and look for the design with the least amount of “white cut outs” - This will provide the most privacy. 

Each panel is approx 180cm tall with a width of 60cm. The thickness of the panel is 16mm.

All our room dividers are made out of our premium composite material with a smooth matte finish on either side. The panels do not contain any replicated “wood grain effect” but rather a much sophisticated finish.

Yes, the screen panels can be painted but that would mean they would need painting again for maintenance. We would encourage you to purchase in the colours available for the maintenance-free purchase.

Since our room divider screens are made out of wood plastic composite, you may also use these outdoors without affecting its lifespan.

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