Corten Steel No29 Metal Garden Screen

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Corten Steel No29 Metal Garden Screen

Add some fun and frivolity to the garden with the No29 Corten screen. With a fabulous all-over swirling bubble design, this screen is ideal for summer parties or family dining, and will be sure to add a certain whimsical charm to any type of garden, patio, or lawn.

Our Garden Screens

We offer the largest collection of corten garden screens in the UK with over 250+ designs to be purchased with a short lead time. Our screens and garden trellis can be used for room dividers, ceiling panels, wall-panels or as beautiful garden fences.

Corten Metal Screens
Only the highest grade of Corten steel is used to manufacture our screens. The screens are treated in-house so they would arrive pre-rusty. The patina will further develop over time without any further processing required.

Frequently asked questions

Corten steel, often referred to as weathering steel, is a unique type of steel alloy designed to develop a protective rust-like layer when exposed to the elements. This distinct characteristic sets it apart from traditional steel alloys.

Corten steel is favored for its several benefits:

  • Weather Resistance: Its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and even saltwater environments, makes it ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Low Maintenance: Corten steel requires minimal maintenance, as the protective patina eliminates the need for frequent painting or coatings.
  • Longevity: Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, Corten steel structures can have a longer lifespan compared to standard steel.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The unique rust-like appearance of Corten steel adds a distinct, rustic charm to architectural and landscaping projects.

The flat Corten screens have a depth of 2mm and cannot be used with our posts or aluminium channels. They are better suited for wall applications or attaching to an existing fence.

The folded screens are made out of the same 2mm material but are folded across the edges to create a 16mm box. This enables you to use the screens with our Aluminium posts or channels.

While Corten steel is relatively low maintenance, occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris can help maintain its appearance. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods, as they can damage the protective patina.

Yes, the appearance of Corten steel will change over time. Corten steel develops a beautiful rust-like patina as it weathers, which enhances its visual appeal and sets it apart from traditional steel. This natural transformation not only adds character to structures and objects made from Corten steel but also serves as a protective layer, increasing its resistance to further corrosion. Many people appreciate this evolving aesthetic quality, as it gives Corten steel a unique and timeless charm that harmonizes with the environment over time.

Due to the natural rusting characteristics of corten the appearance of 1 screen to others will vary.

No we do not pre-drill any holes for hanging the corten screen as these are not always required by our clients. We would advise using a suitable metal drill bit to drill a pilot hole before attaching any screws.

We stock corten posts that are purpose built for our 16mm garden screens and very easy to install. These corten posts have channels to slot the screens into. The corten posts will allow you to use our screens to create beautiful freestanding pieces for your garden. You would need to select the Folded option for Corten to use with our aluminium or Corten posts.

Yes all our premium screens can be cut to your desired size to fit any area. Cutting the screens will not affect the longevity of the product as the material itself is completely waterproof. The newly cut edges will not require any paint as our screens are naturally made out of this colour.

All our beautiful screens are made to order in the UK and delivered to you after manufacturing. We still offer competitive delivery times depending on our production schedule. Please see the checkout/delivery page for all updated delivery time frames.

Yes, we can make bespoke screen designs for both individual or trade. We can offer custom sizes/designs or even simply engrave your name/house name or anything else on the border. There will be additional charges for this for design and set up. Please contact us via email at: to discuss.

Our products unlike many others are manufactured in the UK built specifically for the UK market. The screens are made from a specially devised premium Corten Steel. Our highly durable material boasts being fully weatherproof, UV resistant, Eco-friendly, and made to be protected against damp or warping. The screens require little to no maintenance and can be enjoyed for years to come!

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